This website is for my latest projects and videos. Sataniske means Satanic in Norwegian. I do coding on various things, mostly for games and GNU/Linux distros.

Common Misconceptions About Me And The Blog:

Bitly is a lazy way to make money off of everyone - Bitly is actually just a simple URL shortener.

Ambient music is not music, it’s just a bunch of pointless noises, plus anyone can make it. Not true, i spend countless hours manipulating sounds to create such a dark atmosphere. The concept of music is debatable anyways, plus ambient music doesn’t even follow the rules of music so you are partially right.

Linux is stupid and no one uses it. First off let me say that Linux is just a kernel. Secondly plenty of people are switching to it everyday and more have been using it for years.

This blog is stupid and pointless get a life - How about you stop giving me pointless criticism and get a life.

Sataniske means satanic, your evil - No, its just a cool sounding name that stuck

Why i cant i pay $2.99 for a real domain? - Because of certain limitations of my “well being”, i cannot register a $2.99 domain. I do however, plan on backing up the wordpress files from here and moving it to a full domain eventually.

More to probably come.