Windows 8 Doesn’t Suck

I myself would stop reading after seeing the title. But that mind set is what made this conspiracy anyways. You people do realize everyone said XP sucked when it came out. It’s just those Linux fanboys complaining about nothing. Windows 8 is the true successor to Windows 7 and here’s why.

1. Integration – Windows 8 has more online based services that go far beyond Windows 7. A lot consider this a bad thing, im kind of neutral on this. However it is in a way a huge improvement on 7.

2. Speed РSure 7  was fast but have you even seen 8 run?

3. Variety Is Always Good – Windows 8 is different then 7 sure, but its more of a good thing than bad. Just ask the hardcore Linux users about their overly saturated variety of everything.

I’d just like to note that i’m not sucking up to big brother Micro$oft. I was just blown away at the awesomeness of Windows 8.