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  • Here i am

    So basically I’ve been gone for like 4 months. And ummm I have to say that I’m “glad” to be back? Anyways, the only thing I really have planned is trying to pump out some more Effluvium tracks. here’s one I haven’t posted here yet. http://youtu.be/jSaRiUPsUeQ

    Ohh and this site will be more active, I swear! (the unlikelyness of this is too high)

  • Update

    It’s been far to long since ive posted anything here. I’ve been up to alot of stuff and i have a surprise to anyone that actually reads this. I’ll be doing alot more gaming videos very soon so watch out for that. I might even finish my Diablo 2 series, which was in it’s infancy when it was hung up. I might even do some indie games, more specifically myformerseleves‘ stuff. So yeah, it’s going to be a good end of the year for videos and hopefully blog posts.